Wedding of Leona & Václav, 2020

The more guests, the more experience. That´s what we ensured about during the biggest wedding of the year 2020 in Vogelsang. Autumn atmosphere has just highlighted it.

Photographer: Milan Havlík

Wedding of Jiřina & Filip, 2020

The whole wedding day was in a cheerful atmosphere in the area, it was two beautiful days full of peace.

Wedding of Seraphine & Filip, 2019

In the second half of summer holidays there was a unique wedding day in the open air. The wedding party had finished in the morning hours.

Wedding of Tereza & Kurt, 2019

Another lovely wedding, we don´t even know how-manyeth in this season. We were honored to organize a wedding for a very nice couple. We still remember this wedding and wish you good luck.

Wedding of Daniela & Pavel, 2019

What a lovely and cheerful wedding, simply how it should be like.

Wedding of Jana & Petr, 2017

Let´s remind one of our first wedding at all. Young couple looked stunning and we were honored to organize this event.