Wellness, relaxation and sporting activities

You can enjoy the guest house’s own wellness centre with a marvellous view of the Šumava National Park’s unique panorama, allowing a pleasant recuperation with the help of relaxing music and stress relief, and providing new energy.

Wellness centre at Rezidence Vogelsang.
  • for your relaxation and recuperation you can enjoy the relax room with adjustable wooden deckchairs
  • in the gym you can do gymnastics or work out on the fitness machines at your leisure
  • various types of massages are available for your physical relaxation

We also offer you:

Finnish sauna – Typical of this are high temperatures between 85 and 100°C at a relatively low humidity of 10 to 30%.

Bio sauna – In the biosauna you can reach temperatures only up to about 70 degrees and humidity of up to 45 percent and are generally considered to be skin-care and health-promoting. A soothing effect on the respiratory system in this heat have infusions of menthol or eucalyptus.

Infrared sauna – Various UV lamps are used, which allows very quickly the infrared cabin to reach a comfortable temperature of about 40 to 50 degrees – this can have a soothing effect on muscle and joint pain (deep warmth).

Steam bath – The steam bath is characterized by damp heat with 100% humidity and a pleasant temperature of about 45-50°C. These are optimal conditions for physical regeneration prevail. On tense nerves, cramped muscles, rheumatic diseases, cold symptoms and much more, can a visit to the steam bath have a very positive effect.

Whirlpool – The whirlpool combines three elements that are particularly healthy for the organism: water, heat (36 degrees) and massage. On the one side, the water provides weightlessness, which relieves the entire body. The water can penetrate deep into the skin and provide it with moisture, which significantly improves the appearance of the skin. Furthermore, the heat has a positive effect on the blood circulation. The entire organism is stimulated and the metabolism is improved. The muscles can relax and tension is released. The increased breathing and the heat provides for an increased oxygen and supply of all organs. This also stimulates the metabolism and the body can initiate cleaning processes.

The lounge (conference room)

Covered barbecue area at Rezidence Vogelsang.

The lounge is at our guests’ disposal and can also be used (together with the entire guest house) by companies for conferences, training events etc.

The patio with grill

Covered barbecue area at Rezidence Vogelsang.

For your relaxation in the summer time a set up outdoor grill is at your disposal, where you can have a seat and enjoy grilled food with a good drink.

The amphitheatre

Amphitheatre at Rezidence Vogelsang.

A round amphitheatre with a capacity of up to 100 people has been built in the area of the guest house. This is just the right place to organise smaller public cultural events, concerts, performances and other daytime or late night events.